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Refreshing the home you have is easier and more satisfying than moving to a new home. So how can you refresh your space easily? The posts in this category will give you ideas from cost effective ways to refresh – decorating with paint, installing a new counter top (or several prep surfaces), adding backsplash in the kitchen or painting existing cabinets.
Simple ideas for a home refresh include:
1. Reorganizing your furniture to change traffic flow, familiarize you with a new placement of rooms and set the mood for each room.
2. Adding lamps or installing new light fixtures for additional lighting and space brightening design principles.
3. Decluttering or repurposing your existing stuff.
4. Installing a floor covering such as wood floors, hardwood planks, bamboo, cork tiles, linoleum, or laminate.
5. Painting walls or changing the color scheme of the rooms.
6. Changing window treatments such as curtains or blinds.
7. Installing crown molding, wainscoting or baseboards.
8. Installing wallpaper.
9. Refinishing or replacing doors.
Read on to find more ways to make your home more hygge with the blog posts in this category!