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How To Create A Hygge Atmosphere At Home

When it comes to creating a hygge atmosphere there is no one size fits all solution – what works in one household might not work so well in another. Adding coziness to your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it can be as simple as lighting a few candles or adding some comfy blankets. Here are 19 tips on how you can make your house feel more hygge:

1) Add Some Cozy Textures

Adding textured items like fuzzy blankets, soft pillows, and flannel sheets can make your home feel more cozy and inviting. Rugs for comfy feet, silky sheets for beds, and thick curtains that keep out the drafts are all hygge-approved ways to make your space cozier.

2) Get Rid Of Clutter

Decluttering your space will help you relax and feel more at ease in your surroundings. A neat and tidy space will help you feel calm and relaxed, while being surrounded by clutter can cause anxiety and stress. To create a hygge atmosphere at home, take some time to declutter your living spaces. Get rid of any unnecessary items that are taking up space or causing visual chaos. Once you’ve cleared away the clutter, take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of your surroundings.

3) Bring Nature Inside

Adding plants or flowers to your décor can help bring a sense of calm to any room. One way to create a hygge atmosphere at home is by adding plants or flowers to your décor. This can help bring a sense of calm to any room and make it feel more inviting. If you don’t have green fingers, fake plants are also an option!

4) Incorporate Warm Lighting

Using lamps or candles instead of overhead lights will create a more intimate and cozy ambiance. The warm lighting of lamps and candles can make a home feel more inviting and comfortable. The light makes the space feel softer, cosier and more intimate – perfect for unwinding in after a long day.

5) Add Some Comfortable Seating

Having plenty of comfy places to sit (and maybe even take a nap!) is key to creating a hygge atmosphere. In a hygge home, there are plenty of soft places to sink into after a long day. Thick blankets and plush pillows beckon you to curl up with a good book or drift off to sleep. You can snuggle up on the couch with your partner or curl up in an oversized armchair by the fireplace. There’s no need for fancy furniture here—all that matters is that it’s comfortable and inviting.

Create your hygge home, Cozy interior, potted plants, fuzzy blankets.

6) Make Bedrooms A Sanctuary

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat by adding soft sheets, plump pillows, and cozy blankets. With the simple addition of some luxurious bedding, your bedroom can become an oasis of relaxation. Remove distractions from your bedrooms like televisions and work materials, and let it become a space that is solely dedicated to rest. You may find yourself sleeping better than ever before!

7) Curate A Cozy Reading Nook

Dedicate a spot in your home for reading, relaxing, and unwinding with your favorite book. Making a cozy reading nook can make your home more inviting and comfortable by providing a dedicated space for relaxation. By curating a special spot just for unwinding with your favorite book, you can create an atmosphere that is both calming and inspiring. Surrounding yourself with plush pillows, soft blankets, and dim lighting will help to enhance the hygge feeling in your home.

8) Enjoy The Simple Pleasures In Life

Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the small things – a cup of tea, fresh baked cookies, or just taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. These moments are essential for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Fresh baked cookies wafting through the air, a warm cup of tea in hand, and taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature – these are all simple pleasures that can make your home more cozy and inviting. By enjoying the small things in life, you can create an atmosphere of hygge that will make your guests feel right at home.

9) Invest In Quality Home Goods

Opt for quality over quantity when it comes to your home décor and furnishings. Choose items that will last and that you really love.

When it comes to creating a hygge atmosphere at home, investing in quality home goods is key. Choose pieces that you love and that will last. Opt for furniture made of sturdy, natural materials like wood or stone. Consider cozy textiles like wool blankets and sheepskin rugs. And don’t forget the candles! High-quality beeswax candles with wooden wicks create a warm, inviting glow – perfect for setting the tone of your hygge haven.

10) Make Time For Relaxation

In our busy world, it’s important to make time for relaxation – whether that means taking a bath, going for a walk, or just enjoying a quiet moment. Making time for relaxation is important in order to create a hygge atmosphere at home. It can be as simple as taking a bath, going for a walk, or just enjoying a quiet moment. All of these activities will help you to feel more calm and relaxed, which are essential components of the hygge lifestyle.

11) Teach Kids To Honor Quiet Time

Gather the family together at the end of the day and teach kids how to appreciate silence and stillness.

One way to create a hygge atmosphere at home is to teach kids to honor quiet time. Gather the family together at the end of the day and explain why it’s important to spend some time in silence and stillness every day. Maybe read a book together or listen to calming music while everyone enjoys their own personal activities. This will help kids wind down before bedtime and appreciate the importance of slowing down once in awhile.

Create your hygge home, Cozy interior, potted plants, fuzzy blankets.

12) Slow Down And Unplug

In today’s world, it’s important to take a step back from technology and slow down. Spend time talking with loved ones, enjoying your hobbies, or just relaxing in nature.

We often get so caught up in our hectic lives that we forget to slow down and enjoy the simple things. One way to create a more relaxing atmosphere at home is to unplug from technology and take some time for yourself. Whether it’s reading your favorite book, taking a nature walk, or chatting with loved ones, savor each moment and disconnect from the outside world. You may be surprised how much better you feel when you give yourself some time to relax.

13) Get Creative With Cozy Foods And Drinks

Warm up with some cozy comfort foods and drinks – think hearty stews, soups, hot chocolate, or warm apple cider. Yum!

There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of warm soup or stew on a cold winter day. And what goes better with soup than fresh, homemade bread? Just the smell of baking bread is enough to make your whole house feel cozy and inviting.

If you’re looking for something sweet and comforting, hot chocolate is always a good choice. Make it even more special by topping it off with some whipped cream and marshmallows. For something slightly different, try making mulled wine – it’s perfect for sipping while curled up by the fire!

14) Host A Hygge Movie Night

Cozy up with some popcorn and invite friends over for a night of relaxing fun. Pick a feel-good movie everyone will love.

To get your home ready for a hygge movie night, start by setting the scene. Consider lighting some candles or dimming the lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance. You might also want to turn on some soothing music in the background and make sure you have plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets on hand. Of course, no movie night is complete without snacks, so be sure to have plenty of popcorn and other treats available.

15) Light Some Candles

Adding candles to your décor is an easy way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Just make sure to blow them out before going to bed!

To set the perfect hygge mood, start by lighting some candles. Candles add a touch of warmth and romance to any setting, and they can help you relax after a long day. Consider placing them in strategic spots around your home, like on your coffee table or mantlepiece. You could also put them in jars or tealights holders and arrange them on shelves or windowsills. For an extra cozy vibe, try scented candles with lavender or vanilla notes.

16) Take A Soak In The Tub

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath at the end of a long day. Add some soothing aromatherapy or bubbly foam for extra luxury. Baths are the perfect way to unwind and recharge. A hot soak can help you feel more refreshed and relaxed, so make sure to bring a nice book or two to read while soaking away the day’s stress.

17) Wrap Yourself In A Warm Blanket… Or Three!

Wrap yourself up in your coziest blanket (or three!) and relax in front of the fireplace or TV. Bliss! The feeling of security and comfort you get from a nice warm blanket is unbeatable.

18) Give Your Home A Hygge Makeover

Take some time to rearrange your furniture or add some cozy elements to your décor. Sometimes a little change can make all the difference.

If you’re looking to give your home a hygge makeover, start by focus on creating cozy nooks. Arrange your furniture in a way that encourages relaxation and add plush blankets and pillows for extra comfort. Candles are also key for setting the mood, so be sure to have plenty of them around the house. You might even want to invest in an electric fireplace or string some fairy lights around the room to create a truly magical atmosphere.

Ready for that home makeover? Read more about how to do a home refresh here.

19) Most Importantly… Be Present In The Moment!

The key to creating a hygge atmosphere is being present in the moment and enjoying simple pleasures. Slow down, relax, and savor each moment – it’s good for your soul!

Now that you know how to create a hygge atmosphere, it’s time to get started! Just remember, there is no one perfect way to do things – so find what works for you and your family. And don’t forget the most important rule of all: be present in the moment and enjoy simple pleasures. That’s what life is all about!

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xo Jessica

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