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The Amazing Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Oil

You have no idea how powerful tea tree oil can be. By the time you’re finished reading this post, you will rush out of your house to go buy some.

Tea tree oil can treat yeast infections, plantar warts, insect bites, and it fights off viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It has endless uses on your skin and in your hair.

When used at the correct dilution, it can clean minor cuts and insect bites. It also reduces the itchiness of insect bites.

This essential oil is one of the most loved because it has triple the power to destroy disease: it’s an antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent!

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The best tea tree oil will be made only from authentic essential oils.

This oil is well known for sanitizing, healing cuts and wounds, and easing pain.

It’s one of the few essential oils that I use and truly believe in its efficacy. A lot of information about essential oils is more folklore than science, but there is real science behind the uses for tea tree oil.

Either way, when used correctly, tea tree oil is safe to use topically.

I don’t recommend ingesting it, though. It’s toxic when you swallow it. For that reason, I don’t suggest using it as a mouthwash, because you may accidentally swallow it.

Note: I’m not a doctor. I can’t give you medical advice and am just sharing my own anecdotes and what I’ve read about over the years. So please see your doctor for any medical issues you’re dealing with!

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Tea tree oil benefits for your skin and hair.

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is one of the most useful plant byproducts that can be found in nature.

Its use goes far back into Australian Aboriginal history. It’s one of their most useful medicines.

Derived from Melaleuca Alternifloria, tea tree oil may gave gotten its name from Captain Cook.

Captain Cook sailed from England to Australia in the 17th century and is said to have used the leaves from this plant to make a tea.

He found that the tea was good for combating scurvy, which was a pretty big deal back then.

His whole crew suffered from scurvy at that time, because it was near impossible to keep fresh fruit and vegetables safe to eat on a long voyage.

There are more than 300 different kinds of tea tree in Australia, but only Melaleuca Alternifloria can be used to make tea tree oil.

During World War Two, farmers that grew tea tree oil trees were exempt from national service. The plants they were growing were considered too important to let their crops fail.

Tea tree oil is extracted as an essential oil by steam or water distillation from the leaves and twigs of the plant.

The oil is a water-white liquid or pale yellow-green. It has a fresh, spicy and slightly camphorous smell.

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You can find tea tree oil near you at CVS, Target, and even Walmart.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

So what are some tea tree oil uses?

When in a pinch, tea tree oil can be used as a hand sanitizer. Studies show that tea tree oil kills common bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae (1).

Here is a recipe for making a simple, moisturizing hand sanitizer using tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil may be useful in repelling flies and other insects. A study found that after being treated with tea tree oil, cows had 61% fewer flies than untreated cows. (1)

I hate conventional deodorant and find it causes breast pain. On all but the hottest of days, I prefer to use a natural deodorant made with tea tree oil and a few other ingredients.

A few drops of this oil in your bath can relax and rejuvenate you. It can also help ward off UTIs which can be more common when you take a bath than a shower.

Tea tree oil helps to remove body odor, and it can even soothe sore muscles.

When added to pools, spas, and hot tubs it can help to control bacterial growth.

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What are the best tea tree oil remedies?

Tea Tree Oil For Hair Care

Lice! I haven’t tried this but others have mixed lavender oil with tea tree oil to treat lice eggs.

Dandruff relief is one of my favorite uses for tea tree oil. After I shampoo my hair, I mix a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of warm water and pour it on my head.

I leave it in for a few minutes, then add my usual conditioner. I then rinse as normal. You can also just add a few drops to your shampoo.

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There are so many uses for tea tree oil for skin care.

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Maladies

Boils are inflamed areas on the skin that look like pimples on steroids.

They are usually based in a hair follicle.

These painful bumps can be caused by a physical condition like diabetes, acne, or dermatitis.

They can also result from a poor immune system, skin irritations, illnesses, stress, food allergies, poor diet, issues while shaving or plucking hair, and poor hygiene.

Boils usually start as a very tender area on your skin. Over time, they become hard and swell, and turn into pimples from hell.

Eventually, they soften and form a head filled with bacteria and white blood cells that are trying to fight the infection. This is what forms the pus.

Usually, the bacteria that causes a boil is staphylococcus.

The best advice I can give is don’t lance the boil yourself. Doing so can spread the infection further on your skin and even to other people.

Essential oils in corked bottles with plants
You won’t die if you accidentally swallowed drop of tea tree oil, but don’t make it a habit. It can be toxic.

Instead, apply hot packs for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. The heat will draw more white blood cells to the space, which helps to fight the infection.

Don’t cover a boil with a bandaid, either.

Wash the boil with tea tree oil and soap, and then apply and antiseptic cream that contains tea tree oil.

A drop or two of tee trea oil can be applied directly to the boil. Dab it on with a piece of clean cotton, but don’t rub the boil or you might irritate it.

Other skin conditions that can be helped with tea tree oil include pelvic maladies like vaginitis and yeast infections.

I have used tea tree oil for ringworm before, and it cleared up very quickly for me.

Applying tea tree oil to your feet helps relieve athlete’s foot.

Tea tree oil used with a carrier oil is useful for acne. Mind, this is not true for hormonal acne, which usually presents itself around the chin.

Tea tree oil helps to unclog pores and might even help with acne scars.

Dabbing a drop of the oil on a particularly nasty pimple may clear it up more quickly.

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Is tea tree oil an antiviral?

Tea Tree Oil For Arthritis

If you deal with arthritis pain, it’s possible to penetrate the skin and desensitize irritated nerve endings with tea tree oil.

To find this kind of relief, combine 18 drops of tea tree oil with 1/8 cup of almond oil.

This mixture should be put into a dark glass bottle. Shake it before applying topically 2 to 4 times a day as a massage oil.

2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil in a hot bath is another great way to alleviate arthritic joint pain.

Essential oils in amber bottles with plants
Tea tree oil is a wonderful remedy

Notes Before Using Tea Tree Oil

Always make sure to dilute tea tree oil properly with a carrier oil or water before you use it topically.

If you don’t dilute it, it can cause itching, stinging, redness, skin irritation and other issues.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably ready to start using tea tree oil! Good luck, and remember to stay safe with this powerful essential oil!

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