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Toddler Meal Plan: What My Toddler Eats In A Day

A toddler meal plan can save you a ton of time, money, and effort. What my toddler eats in a day may not be right for your toddler, but I always found it helpful to get toddler meal ideas from other parents.

I made this toddler meal plan for my almost 2-year-old son over a year ago, but even now I follow some of the steps in my plan. Making a good toddler meal plan starts and ends with knowing what your kids like to eat and finding healthy ways to give them what they crave.

When you’re a busy mom trying to keep up with working from home on your business and playing with your child, every minute matters.

But feeding your toddler doesn’t have to be chaotic. You can find the hygge, even in meal planning.

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I Used To Be A Bad Mom

That’s right. I used to be the kind of mom that just fed my son whatever he asked for.

Sure, I try my best every day.

I play with my son. I take him outside, even when it’s really cold or raining.

I dance with him. I read to him. I feed him.

But do I feed him well?

To be honest with you, the answer to that question used to be a resounding NO!

I just didn’t even know where to start when it came to feeding him.

He hated so many of the things I love to eat. He would only eat so many foods.

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I Learned What Toddlers Should Be Eating

After feeling so guilty about my son’s bad diet, I decided that I wasn’t going to let his pickiness (and my pickiness!) get in the way of him eating healthy and delicious foods anymore.

I broke out the toaster oven.

I pulled out the food processor.

The blender found a permanent home on my kitchen counter.

And I started to cook good, wholesome food for my son.

I did a ton of research on Pinterest. I read blogs, I read studies, I watched nutritionists on Youtube.

So how did I take out the chaos and find peace in feeding my toddler?

I started meal planning for him!

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My Example Toddler Meal Plan

Once I figured out what toddlers should be eating, I put together a toddler meal plan.

I scoured Pinterest for toddler meal ideas and modified them to suit my own son’s tastes.

Here is what my toddler eats in a day, for the whole week.

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The beginning of the week is usually rough for me.

I usually start Monday morning pretty tired and I rarely want to put anything together.

But I try my best to push through, and usually by noon I’m back in the groove of homemaking.


Oatmeal and yogurt

I’ll be eating a bagel or some eggs and drinking coffee.


Toast with peanut butter

I’ll be eating the same thing, or maybe another bagel if I’m craving one.


Alfredo noodles and mixed veggies

We will be eating alfredo noodles with vegetables as well.


Bananas or frozen berries

Decorative image of a mom or grandma making delicious food with a toddler


Most mornings, we go outside to greet the sun.

My son usually likes to eat after we spend some time outside, but if he’s feeling hungry it’s always easy to grab a bagel to bring outside.


Bagels and cream cheese

I’ll have a bagel or eggs.


Taco meat and broccoli

I’ll be having a beef quesadilla with that taco meat and some broccoli too.


Chicken breasts with ranch and macaroni and cheese

We will be eating the same as our son (without the ranch!)


Bananas or yogurt

Decorative image of a toddler picking up vegetables from the grocery store


My son was pretty slow to feed himself. It takes a lot of skill to navigate a spoon to your mouth!

Be prepared for a mess, but try not to stress out about it.



I’ll have a bagel, eggs, or cereal.


Toast with peanut butter

I’ll be having some beef stew that I have in the freezer.


We go out with one of the grandmas for dinner on Wednesdays, so I’m off the hook!


Bananas or frozen berries

Decorative image of a toddler eating a long spaghetti noodle


As we near the end of the week, my son and I both start getting excited for the weekend.

Thursdays are always our day for going to the park, so I like to make sure his meals have protein and good carbs to help build his muscles after that work out!



I’ll be having a bagel or eggs again!


Spaghetti and ground beef

I’ll probably have some spaghetti, too. Spaghetti is my son’s favorite meal so you can expect to see this a lot in my meal plans!


Taco meat and rice

Burritos for the whole family!


Granola bar or yogurt

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The weekend is almost here!

On many Fridays, we do science adventures. Because we spend so much time outside, having a lunch that is easy to transport is important.

You probably noticed that we love bagels!


Pancakes and eggs

I’ll be having some pancakes too. Yum!


Bagel and cream cheese

I’ll have a bagel too.


Spaghetti and ground beef

We’ll all have spaghetti and ground beef.


Bananas or frozen berries

Decorative image of a toddler eating fresh fruits and vegetables with their dad

The weekend

My son spends the weekend with his grandparents, so I’m off the hook for most of those meals. Still, he eats a lot of fruit and vegetables every day.

So what will you be feeding your kids this week? And do you struggle with figuring out meals for them?